Dr. Rabindra Kr. Pathak

rabindra-new-pic-1Designation: Dr. Rabindra Kr. Pathak
Qualifications: LL.B. (Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi), LL.M. (Indian Law Institute, New Delhi), Ph.D. (2014), Junior
Research Fellowship (June, 2012), Gold Medal in Jurisprudence (LL.M.)

Email Address: pathak.rabindra@gmail.com

Areas of Interest/Specialization:
Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law and Human Rights


Dr. Rabindra Kr. Pathak is an Assistant Professor in law. He is a law graduate from Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi (2007). He did his LL.M. with a Gold Medal in Jurisprudence from Indian Law Institute, New Delhi (2009). He qualified UGC-NET with Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) in June, 2012. His doctoral research is on constitutional adjudication in India (2014). His areas of interests are Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law and Human Rights. He has 24 articles/ research papers/book review in national/ international law reviews and journals of repute like Bond Law Review, Journal of Indian Law Institute and Indian Bar Review to name a few, and two books (co-edited/ co-authored, 2011, 2013) to his credit. He has worked on two national projects, one on Parliamentary Privileges and another on Centre-State Relations, with Indian Law Institute, New Delhi (2008 and 2009).He has presented papers in national and international seminars, symposiums and conferences. He has also delivered lecture at Judicial Academy, Ranchi, Jharkhand. Presently, he is working on Judicial Process in India.



  1. Human Rights: Course Book (Co-authored), Vikas Publication, New Delhi, (2011)
  2. Rethinking Law (Co-edited), Authorspress, New Delhi (2013)


  1. Untangling the Constitutional Labyrinth
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  2. Law and Adjudication: A Dworkinian Analysis
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  3. Adjudication vis-à-vis Separation of Powers: A Jurisprudential Analysis
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  9. The Crisis in Human Rights: Universalism and Culturalism Debate Revisited
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  10. Can a Jurist be a Judge?: A Tale of a Failed Constitutional Experiment,
    Rostrum’s Law Review (2013)
  11. Social Justice under Post-Colonial Constitution of India: A Cinematic Sojourn,
    Journal of Law and Social Sciences (2012)
  12. Natural Law and Indian Jurisprudence, Burdwan University Law Review (2014)
  13. Judges and the Constitution, NUSRL Journal of Law and Policy (2015)

Contribution in Books

  1. “Witchcraft: A Story of Many Questions”, in Dr.Rathin Bandyopadhya, al. (Ed):
    Human Rights-Women Rights, R. Cambray and Company Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata – 700013 (2010).
  2. “Weaving the Fabric of Environmental Jurisprudence: Indian Experience”, in S K Singh (ed) Environmental Law and Climate Change, SBS Publishers and Distributers, New Delhi (2010)
  3. Justice, Liberty and Equality: The Preambular Promise” in Deepa Kansra (Ed),
    The Preamble, Universal Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi (2013)
  4. “Constitutional Adjudication” in Deepa Kansra, Rabindra Pathak al (Ed), Rethinking Law, Authorspress, New Delhi (2012)
  5. “Problem of Power: A Prefatory Note” in Dr. Syamala Kandadai al (ed), Judicial Review of Legislative, Executive and  Administrative Action, Scholar’s Press (2014)

Book Review

  1. Subhram Rajkhowa and M Chakraborty (Ed), Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights, R Cambray & Co. Private Ltd., Kolkata (2009)
    Journal of the Indian Law Institute (Vol. 52, No.1, 2010)

Legal Magazines

  1. Causation in Criminal Law, Legal News and Views (2009)
  2. Politics of Morality and Culture, Awaz Times (2009)
  3. Reading Jurisprudence
  4. Law: Guardian of Society, 2011
  5. Human Dignity: A Prefatory Note
  6. Law: Guardian of Society, 2011

Online Publication

  1. “Emergence of Environmental Jurisprudence in India: A Case of Judicial Courage and Craft” (2013) available at http://www.airwebworld.com/articles/index.php?article=1382

Research Projects:

  1. Legal Researcher with Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, for a project assigned by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat on “A Compendium of Judicial Pronouncements Relating to Parliamentary Privilege since Independence” (May 2008 to November 2008).
  2.  Legal Researcher with Indian Law Institute on a project on Judicial Pronouncements on Centre-State Relations (2009).

Seminars/ Conferences/ Lectures:

  1. “A Tale of a Failed Local Governance and Role of Civil Society in Jharkhand: A Critical Appraisal”, International Conference on Transparency and Accountability National Law University, New Delhi, 13-14th October, 2012.
  2. “Rights of the Tribal in India with Special Reference to Forest Rights Act, 2006”, National Seminar on Tribal Rights: Issues & Challenges in Jharkhand National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi, (23-24 May 2015)
  3. “A Socio Legal Perspective of Eunuchs in India”, UGC Sponsored International Seminar on Society, Law and Humanity, Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri Law College, Kolkata (15th May, 2015)
  4. National Symposium on “National Judicial Appointment Commission Act v. Collegium System: Issues and Challenges Ahead”, held at NUSRL, Ranchi (November, 2015)
  5. Delivered Lecture on Property law at Judicial Academy, Jharkhand, Ranchi (2012)


(Member of Editorial Board)

  1. Burdwan University Law Review
  2. VBU Journal of Law and Governance
  3. NUSRL Journal of IPR and Environmental Law