Tender Notice

Tender Notice dated 04-07-2019

Tender Notice dated 17-06-2019

Tender Notice dated 29-05-2019

Tender Notice dated 11-05-2019

Tender Extension Notice dated 24-04-2019

Tender Extension Notice dated 16-04-2019

Tender Notice for the Refilling of ABC & CO2 type Fire Extinguisher

Tender Notice for the Supply of ABC type Fire Extinguisher

Tender Notice for purchasing of New Furniture

Tender Notice for purchase of Stationery items

Tender Notice for Tractor  

Tender Extension Notice dated 24-07-2018

Tender Extension Notice for Rain Water Harvesting

Tender Extension Notice for Roller Blind

Tender Extension Notice for Battery

Tender Notice for Rain Water HarvestingFinancial bid format

Tender Extension Notice

Tender Notice for Roller Blind

Tender Notice for Battery of 10 KVA online UPS

Tender Notice for the following items dated 29-06-2018

A) Installation of Sound System at Plenary Hall
B.1) Renovation of Mess Kitchen area
B.2) Mess  equipments
C) Construction of reading room-cum-child right center
D) Supply & installation of Desk–cum-Bench and  3/2 seater Sofa Set for Plenary hall
E) Sound System for class rooms

Tender cancellation Notice dt. 18-06-2018

Tender extension Notice dt. 18-06-2018

Tender for supply, installation, testing and commissioning of sound system dated 08-06-2018

Tender for Labour Work of wiring and fixing of Electrical items dated 08-06-2018

Tender for Housekeeping Items dated 28-05-2018

Tender for Various items dated 28-05-2018

Tender for New Furniture dated 25-05-2018

Tender for purchasing of Volley ball post, Throw ball post and Manual Cricket pitch roller dated 23-05-2018

Tender extension Notice dated 14.05.2018

Tender extension Notice dated 05.05.2018

Tender extension Notice dated 02.05.2018

Tender extension Notice dated 01.05.2018

Tender extension Notice dated 28.04.2018

Tender for Stainless Steel Bench dated 28.04.2018

Tender for On-line UPS Battery dated 28.04.2018

Tender for LED street Light Fittings dated 25.04.2018

Tender for various Electrical items dated 24.04.2018

Tender for Submersible Pump set dated 24.04.2018

Tender for Motorized Projector Screen dated 23.04.2018

Tender for various items dated 23.04.2018

Tender for Stationery items dated 26.03.2018

Tender for Plenary Hall Chair dated 19.03.2018

Invite sealed quotation for Sports items dated 06/03/2018

Tender Notice for Fabrication of Faculty Cubical dated 16/01/2018

Invite sealed quotation for Stationery Items dated 14/12/2017

Invite sealed quotation for New year Diary and Table Calender dated 12/12/2017


Tender for Renovation of 15 Class Rooms dated 15/11/2017

Paper Tender Notice

Tender Notice

Financial Bid

Class Room Design

Invite sealed quotation for Study table and Chair dated 24/10/2017

Tender for Fabrication of lawn tennis court mesh Board dated 23/09/17

Tender for LED light, Pole and the all fitments dated 23/09/17

Invite Sealed quotation for Repairing & cleaning of “well” dated 23/09/17

Tender Extention Notice dated 25-08-2017

Invited Sealed Quotation for Sports and Gym items dated 23.08.17

Invited Sealed Quotation for various items dated 21.08.17

Tender Notice published on 11-08-2017

A. Tender for Class Room
B. Tender for 5.5 ton AC
C. Tender for development of playground
D. Tender for LAN work and controller base WIFI
E. Tender for dinning table of Mess
F. Tender for Parking Area
G. Tender for Security Services
H. Tender for fabrication work at Hall of residence
I. Tender for mosquito net
J. Tender for Multimedia projector

Sealed quotation for the purchase of Stationary items, Housekeeping items, Office furniture and other items for the university dated 18-07-2017

Tender Notice dated 02-06-2017 for purchase and installation of Video Conferencing System at Conference Hall of the University 

Tender Notice dated 27-05-2017 for purchase of Stationery items and Office Furniture for the University

        Notice,  Profile of TendererFinancial Bid

 Tender Notice dated 22-05-2017 for

        (a) Running Mess for approximately 600 students and employees  of the University

        (b) Running Canteen in University Campus

        (c) Renovation of Conference Hall , Class rooms & Library  at the Academic Block of NUSRL, Ranchi

        (d) Supply of sports and gym equipment’s.

Tender Notice for Curtain.  For details CLICK here

        Tender Notice for Well.  For details CLICK here