Recruitment Co-Ordination Commitee

The Recruitment Coordination Committee (RCC) which is the student body entrusted with the responsibility of facilitating the entire recruitment process. The RCC is committed to tailor the entire recruitment process as per the requirements of the prospective employer. The Committee is represented by its Chairman (IPC), vested with the authority to final say over any dispute arising in course of recruitment as per the Placement Process Rules, 2015.

The following student members can be contacted by any prospective employer:

Vikas Pandey (Student Convenor) +91-9570148615
Shivali +91-9471360503
Nilotpal Shyam +91-7360803911
Sneh Lata +91-8051138352
Abhishek Kumar +91-8603198654
Hemant Jain +91-8092206661
Rimjhim Jamuar +91-8986998004
  • The Recruitment Brochure of batch 2017 can be found here
  • For Recruitment/Internship opportunities for students, kindly contact us at

The Chairman can be contacted in case of any dispute arising in the course of recruitment process.

Dr. M.R.S. Murthy
Chairman, Internship and Placement Committee
NUSRL, Ranchi
Mobile: – +91-8292400250