Dr. Sangita Laha

 Associate Professor and Dean of Faculty

Qualifications includes MA (Political Science),  MBA (Marketing), LLB , LLM (Hindu Law) from Patna University, PhD (Law & Gender Justice) from the University of Calcutta. Currently pursuing Post Doctoral Programme titled “Democratic Decentralisation and Woman’s Participation: A critical study with reference to Panchayet raj system in India.”

Published a book titled; “Women and Legal Profession– in reference to Indian Context”, Satyam Law International, New Delhi. 

 Presented and published several research papers and articles in journals of national and international repute. To cite a few – titled –

Substance Use and Abuse in India – A Comparative Study with Other Countries” published in International Journal of Arts, Humanities and Management Studies (IJAHMS), ISSN NO: 2395-0692”,

 “How safe are Women today? Crimes against Women in India” published in Remarking An Analisation   ISSN NO.: 2394-0344, VOL-2, ISSUE-6, September- 2017. 

Role of Women and Sustainable Development in India – A Comparative Study with ‘South Asian Countries”, 2nd International Conference of the NIDA Law for Development, Graduate School of Law, National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) Bangkok, Thailand, ISBN (e-book): 978-974-231-948-9.

Lately, invited as a panelist in the 8th National Conference for Women in Police organized by IPS officers on 20th November, 2018.