Vice Chancellor

Vice-Chancellor-Key-Personal‘Our university system is, in many parts, in a state of despair’. Most of universities and colleges in India are rated as below average in quality parameters.’ That higher education system in India has virtually collapsed and does not stand anywhere in comparison to world class universities is evident from the fact that not a single Indian university features among first 100, while many universities from East Asia have been included in the first hundred. Reasons for degeneration of even prestigious Universities in our country are well known. The crisis confronting the university system are increasing educated unemployment; weakening of student motivation; increasing unrest and indiscipline on the campuses; frequent collapse of administration; deterioration of standards; and above all, the demoralizing effect of the relevance and purpose of most of what is being done.

Since the university has a crucial role to play in promoting social change, it must make an impact on the community if it is to retain its legitimacy and gain public support. India, a nuclear power, a space power, a giant in information technology can emerge as a dominant major economy comparable to countries like China in near future only when the University system is reconstructed in a radical manner so that out universities become able to meet the needs of the emerging opportunities, increasing younger generation population and challenges of the 21st Century. This in turn requires a fundamental change in the University system from the policy level to the institutional level and to the everyday lives of college and university administrators, faculty and students.

For a university to become a global University international faculty, international studentship and world class infrastructure along with strong academic culture are necessary. Now time has come to transform our universities into world class universities though institution building and excellence in the fields of research and capacity building. All possible efforts need to be made to transform existing universities into institutions of excellence by reiterating out commitment to quality, passion for innovation and performance and excellence audit on a continuous basis. Higher education needs upgradation to make universities competitive in the global higher education market and fulfill the other objectives of higher education viz. expansion, inclusion and excellence. Any effort in this direction has to focus on the following: industry and academia connection, incentives to teachers and researchers, innovative practices, mobilization of resources – coming of information age, student – centred education and dynamic methods of teachers; public- private partnership, need-based job-oriented courses, cross-culture programme, international collaboration, a new vision of higher education, action plan for quality improvement etc.

While challenges to higher education need to be addressed at different policy and decision making levels, the first and foremost thing that our Universities require is the higher level of leadership quality of the Vice-Chancellor who should not only be a scholar of eminence and proven administrative abilities but a man/woman of high integrity and convictions. Unfortunately, Universities are generally being run and guided by persons not of these qualities. To quote Prime Minister Manmohan Singh(2007) : “I am concerned that in many states university appointments, including that of Vice-Chancellor, have been politicized and have become subject to caste and communal considerations, there are complaints of favouritism and corruption.”

My initial priorities are infrastructure and teaching. The main objective is to make this institute ‘National’ in true terms. This institute needs to develop its own unique feature. Then only students of this cradle will distinguish themselves from the students of other Universities. Jharkhand is rich in minerals resources. Teaching is one aspect and research is another aspect. If the government supports, research has a wide scope in this state.

(Prof. B.C.Nirmal)