Guidelines for Seminar Paper Preparation

  1. Topic / title: must be approved by the course teacher (topic must be consisting of minimum two variables)
  2. Pages: 40 (excluding front pages/ enclosures/annexure/introductory pages /list of cases / bibliography)
  3. Main body – Times New Roman 12 font, 1.5 spacing between the lines
  4. Footnotes – Times New Roman, 10 font and single spacing between the lines (follow ILI Format for footnoting; JILI Footnoting – available at There must be proper acknowledgement of source if anything is borrowed from books, articles etc. No portion should be borrowed from any work without acknowledging the source. The borrowed portion must appear within double inverted commas. If more than four sentences are borrowed that portion must appear in indented form.
  5. Originality: The student must endeavour to write seminar paper with originality.
  6. Contents: (a) Introduction (it must include background which makes the topic relevant)

(b) The main body (no need of dividing the paper into chapters; however, the paper may be divided into parts in case of need). However division of topic into subtopics must be made properly. Legal issues must be framed and accordingly subtopics must be made. Subtopics must contain analysis of legal issues with the help of primary and secondary sources. )

(c) Conclusion and suggestions (it must be connected to and based on analysis of legal issues)

  • The following pages must be added in the seminar paper document:
  1. i) Title page with the name, nature and description of the work, title of the work university logo, ‘submitted by’ and ‘submitted to’
Submitted to Submitted by
Name of the supervisor



Name of the student

Semester and section

Enrollment no.

Name of the university

Period of submission.  In this seminar paper as ‘November, 2015’


  1. Contents page (detailed contents)
  • Student affidavit
  1. Supervisor certificate
  2. Acknowledgement
  3. Abbreviation page
  • List of tables (includes table of cases, pictures, data,…)
  • Bibliography
  1. Annexures if any